Need a new car?

Need a new car

Did you know that we don’t just do home loans?

In fact, amongst other areas, we can also help you with finance for a car regardless of whether you work for wages or are self employed.

We have a range of options available through the lenders that we have access to and if you are self employed, you will be amazed just how quickly we can organise a car loan for you with our “no financials” option if you:

  • Are a home buyer
  • Have had your ABN and GST registration for at least 2 years
  • Are buying a vehicle that is no more than 3 years old and
  • Have a clear credit history.


There is amazingly little paperwork involved in getting a quick approval for finance at a great rate and you don’t even need to have up to date tax returns!

We also have other options available for:

  • People that work for wages (PAYG)
  • People that have defaults and
  • Self employed people who don’t fit the criteria for the “no financials” option


This all means that you have absolutely no reason not to get a new car before you set out on your next holiday.

If you would like to just get moving with the purchase of your next car, then complete the following fields to contact Gold Coast mortgage broker FinancialPlus.

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