When we first started looking for our first investment property, we very excitedly listened to a investment property seller and signed on the dotted line.

In hindsight, which is always a marvellous thing, we realised that the excitement of buying our first investment property somewhat clouded our judgement and we ended up buying a property for the wrong reasons. It will work out still over the long run but we could have done better.

We expect that our third investment property will end up being our most successful because we researched it and based it on factors such as infrastructure and expected population growth which is a much better approach to take but the time it took to complete this research was amazing.

Sadly it is this dilemma of not knowing where to look that causes what is commonly known as analysis paralysis with the outcome being that so much time is spent on investigating options that it all becomes too much and the final step of making a decision never actually happens.

There are no shortages of companies that will sell you the next best investment property location but the important point is to look beyond the glamour and glitz of the marketing presentation and look at why this location has been chosen. More often than not, it is a case of being simply that the seller has managed to get access to a block of townhouses in XYZ location.

One company that we are pleased to say that we would recommend without hesitation is a company called Aviate Group and I invite you to have a look at their website to see why. They have been featured in a number of high profile publications including the Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Property Observer and they have a comprehensive checklist that properties must satisfy before Aviate will sell them.

The best advice that I could give would be visit their website and have a look. If you are interested in getting some more information on their properties, you can either provide your information to them or email me and I will happily get them to contact you.

Either way, you won’t end up spending all summer looking for that property!

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