Your Home Loan is usually the single biggest commitment that you have to meet out of your household budget and yet very few people take the time to check the health of their home loan on a regular basis.

It’s amazing that the usual reason for this is that it is too hard to do the checking around but this is obviously where the services of a mortgage broker like Gold Coast mortgage broker FinancialPlus come into play as we have the software that allows a comparison of the interest and charges that apply to thousands of loans from a huge range of lenders.

The other reason is that people feel comfortable with their lender and have a relationship with them that they like. This is admirable and understood but you need to question what the value of this relationship is if you are paying above the market rate for your home loan. Don’t forget that a 0.50% difference on a home loan of $300,000 is $1,500 a year.

Not interested in saving this sort of money if it was possible?

Did you know that, assuming that you are taxed at a marginal tax rate of 30%, you actually need to have earned $2,142 in income p.a. to cover this extra amount.

I can’t guarantee that we can save you 0.50% off your loan although the most that we have been able to achieve is a whopping 3% for one client but I can tell you whether you can do better and I can work with you to make the change as easy as possible.

Let me know if you would like a free home loan review. I will also provide you with a copy of a book that could help you save even more money in the future – John C Michel’s “Household Budgeting, it’s a piece of cake” at our first appointment.

You do need to make sure that your home loan gets a regular health check.

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